Anna and I are raising a Guide Dog Puppy together. Anna and I were very excited on the way to get our puppy. Puppy truck day is exciting for some an sad for others. Baby puppies get to meet their raisers.

Occasionally a transfer pup will come and gets to meet his or her new raisers. However, older puppies that are being recalled go on the truck for their trip to Califonria or Oregon. 

Anna and I were excited, because we were getting our puppy. One other family in our group was getting a baby puppy. All the Colorado clubs meet at the puppy truck, so there were more than three pups coming off the truck.

Her name was announced. Kia. She's a black labrador and a cutey. She is 12 weeks old. She had to stay longer at the kennels because she had eyelid surgery.

Anna and I are already in love.