When I found out our next puppy's letter was "G," I was hoping for "Glinda" the good witch. Galaxy is an even better name for my family.

We picked Galaxy (and her littermate, Gizmo) up from the airport on January 18, 2013. Since she was born on November 21, 2012, she was a few days older than 8 weeks old.

Galaxy is very different from any other puppy we've had. Unlike Kia and Bonita, Galaxy doesn't have a full-body wiggle to show her excitement. Unlike Bonita, Galaxy licks. Unlike Kia, she doesn't lick excessively. Unlike Valor, Kia, and Bonita, Galaxy isn't all that interested in pleasing me yet.

The picture below shows Anna holding Baby Galaxy just after she deboarded the airplane from San Rafael, California.

What Galaxy is really good at is sleeping through the night. None of our other puppies ever slept through the night at a young age. Galaxy was sleeping seven hours straight by the age of nine weeks.

Like many of other pups, Galaxy has poopy problems. She's on meds for deworming.

Unlike our other pups, Galaxy had a dog babysitter for a few weeks. Because Bonita was in season for her last month with us, Bonita was with us and not at college. (It's rare to have guide dog overlap.)

Galaxy likes to use her vocal chords, and she likes to jump up on things. She's also fond of her teeth. We have our work cut out for us.

Fortunately, she's ridiculously cute. There's a Philipine word, gigli,  that means "so cute you want to squish," and that's Galaxy's face.