Galaxy is a week over four months old now. She's officially lost her puppy license, and she seems to know it. A little bit.

Galaxyis one of the more difficult puppies I've raised. I actually had to spend two lunch times at the grocery store with Galaxy. I sat at the entry way and gave her lunch, kibble by kibble, as a reward for not barking and lunging at people. Galaxy had a problem with tall, skinny people wearing hats.  (Pictures follow)



She doesn't immediately present herself as wanting to please her humans. She didn't immediately think that food was the best thing in the world. She likes to bark. She likes to sing. She likes to nip. She's stubborn and she likes having her own way.

And we love her and wouldn't change her a bit. (Okay, that's a lie. I intend to spend the year convincing her that biting people isn't a good idea and that puppies should be seen and not heard.)

Galaxy in her baby coat, getting ready for her first trip to the grocery store

But I do love her. That's not a lie. 

I took the picture below at the vet. Galaxy went in for her shot. Bonita was there too, and the vet was nice and gave Boni a treat too.

Galaxy seemed to complain about the cold, and I needed her to expend some energy. I told the kid to get dressed up for the snow, and then I dressed Galaxy up for the snow. Since this picture was taken, she's learned to deal with the cold for up to a whole twenty minutes!


I babysat Gizmo, Galaxy's littermate for two, five-day periods. Gizmo and Galaxy are very similar. Here is a picture of my two-headed guide dog.


Galaxy scored a new, pink bed. Her brother doesn't mind that it's pink. He's totally willing to hog it.