Miss Bonita has been enjoying an extended slumber party with her friend Dora. Dora is also a Guide Dog Puppy in training. Dora's a bit older than Boni, and is likely to be recalled to college soon. Bonita and Dora enjoy playing in the backyard together. 

Since there's only one dog bed downstairs, they share. I like to think they enjoy the cuddle time.


They've also been enjoying treats. The human children like popsicles when it's hot outside. (Kool-Aid and Stevia makes awesome popsicles, by the way.) The dogs, however, have different tastes. Their popsicles are a little different.


That's a kibble, frozen in the center of an ice cube. (To make, fill ice cube tray half way and put in 1 kibble per cube. Freeze. Once that layer is frozen, add more water and freeze again.)

Both girls enjoy being outside.