I didn't want to go, but I did anyway, and I went to my first Guide Dog Puppy Raising Dinner tonight (held annually). Bonita couldn't come. She went into season about two weeks ago, and she's still bleeding strong. Some of the puppies are year-old, uncut males. Boni has been sequestered for a while and she appears depressed and stir crazy.

I wish she could have come. She would have loved it. At one point, at least a dozen of the older pups chased each other and played hard. The pups were clearly enjoying life and that big backyard.

Anna couldn't come with me, since she is currently in Utah visiting her aunt and cousins. (I call this Aunt Camp.) 

I didn't see much point in my attendance, and I do not like award ceremonies. But a couple of people nagged me into going.

It wasn't that bad. I got to hold a little baby for about ten minutes. Miss Fanta is eleven weeks old and she much prefers being held and cuddled to being put on the floor. She saw the other pupsters playing, but she was content to walk along and sniff. She isn't afraid; she just doesn't want to play rough. She's a sweetie.

And they gave me a cool object for Anna. A while back Anna was written up in a couple of the local papers. They took one of those articles and matted and framed it and put a bow around it.

I look forward to a week or so from now when Miss Boni can leave jail and re-enter the world.