Anna and I went to another puppy truck day. Flicker is a beautiful, well-behaved yellow labrador girl. Our leader raised her. She was very sad to see Flicker go, and kept onto Flicker until the last possible minute. She even went across the street to cuddle Flicker.

Jenson came off the truck to join the group. Jenson isn't a baby; he's about ten months old. Man, was he skinny. Labs do that sometimes. They go through growing spurts and Jenson is certainly very tall too. Jenson seems like a very good boy. He was raised in Utah, but his people couldn't raise him anymore. Something about a loss of a job and a pregnancy. Anyway, Jenson seems to like his new mom.

I thought it was important for Anna to see Flicker leave and how sad it was for our leader. Well, it's ambivalent, not sad. You're sad because you miss your puppy and your happy for them because they've grown into such great dogs and they will do wonderful things. Anna needed to see that.