Versailles graduated to an official "potty-trained" status, so she moved in with her other family. (I'm a co-raiser for her. My job was potty training, so she could go to work with her other family.)

Galaxy went to college. She finished all her training and was considered a "fully trained guide dog." Then she started to urinate while on tie down or in harness. That urination indicated stress. She just didn't want to be a guide dog. She has moved to San Diego and has a new job. She is a pet. Her new person loves her.

So, I had promised Leon that I wouldn't have a dog after Versailles until we got back from vacation. We get back from vacation on the 25th, and we are scheduled to get our new baby on the 26th. The new baby is a golden retriever boy and his name starts with the letter C.

Walking and hiking without a dog is odd.