Beautiful Bonita (how's that for redundant?) has reached her four-month birthday anniversary.

My little princess is about thirty pounds now. According to the rule of thumb, she'll be about 60 pounds when she reaches her adult size. She looks like a miniature labrador, but at thirty pounds, she's hit medium size dog-ness.

Potty training

Bonita has a urinary track infection (UTI) and this has made her potty training slow going. She's on her second round of meds now. I hope we get rid of that nasty E. coli this time. Sometimes we have days with no problems, and other days are not so good.

Here's a picture of Bonita taking a nap. She had lunch, and now she's on nap duty. The instant she wakes up, she'll be taken outside to "Do Your Business."

Out and about

It's difficult to take her out and about because of the potty training issue. I can make her do her business and then take her in some place for about five minutes. Then we have to leave, because I get nervous. 

Bonita went to the movie theater. She didn't see the Lorax, because that wasn't out yet. She did see Mysterious Island. She had no interest in the movie whatsoever. I was a tad surprised by that, because prior Guide Dog Pups have shown an interest in movies. Valor, for instance, watched about 75% of Air Bud when I took him to see that over ten years ago. Of course, Mysterious Island didn't have any dogs in it. I wonder how she'll do with the Lorax, since everyone in the family wants to see that.

The exception to this is when I can have her sleeping down by my feet. Then I take her outside as soon as she wakes up. So far, this has worked, and she's only had accidents at home. I need to be more vigilant at home.

This picture to the right shows Bonita napping at co-op. Apparently she's not very interested in 5th grade science or 4th grade history.

Bonita isn't as good as Kia was around little kids, but we haven't worked on it as much yet either. She hasn't trampled or eaten any kids yet. :-)


Bonita is very good at kenneling. "Kenneling" basically means going into something. She's good at kenneling into her kennel, and she's good at kenneling into the car. Here's Bonita in the car. I have no idea why her head is wet. Maybe it's snow related.