We knew his name started with a C. We were guessing (hoping) for names like Cronos, Cyborg, and Cheerio. The name our baby has is better than we imagined: Casper.

Casper is a handsome fellow. He's 7/8 Golden Retriever and 1/8 Labrador. He's very friendly, but he's also very much alive and he totally knows what he's going to be for Halloween.

Casper has a number 4 shaved onto his back. Instead of being born in San Rafael, CA like most Guide Dog Puppies, his mother was sent to Minnesota. He and his littermates had "special training" their first eight weeks of puppy life. They still had their mamma time, but as they got older, they got to go swimming and climb mini-stairs and such. San Rafael has been on a Parvo scare for a while, and they're experimenting, I think, to see what that Parvo scare is doing. (Personally, I'd rather risk one or two puppy deaths out of a couple thousand so that they can all go swimming and play on grass and stuff.)

The report indicates that Mr. Casper is much more vocal than his littermates.