Bonita seems to be over her overly-cautious attitude when we first picked her up. She's played tug with a ferret, made a quick trip around the grocery store, spent three hours in human school (mostly in a kennel), went to the hand doctor with me, and attended two puppy school meetings.

We are still working on some really basic things though. (I've only had her for about ten days now.)

  • Bonita doesn't quite know her name yet. She's getting there though.
  • Bonita is definitely not potty trained yet. She seems to know that outside is appropriate, but she doesn't seem to have the necessary bladder and bowel control.
  • We are also learning to sit and how to walk on the left side of the leash.

Some things come naturally to my little angel, and I'm happy about this.

  • Bonita takes treats very gently. She is not a "snapping turtle."
  • Bonita doesn't bark when she's in her kennel. Well, she does in the morning when she has to go outside, but she doesn't during the night or if she's kenneled during the day.
  • Bonita follows me from room to room, and when I sit down, she usually has some part of her body touching some part of my body.
The weather was nice today and I sat outside for a while, reading. 'Nita wasn't sure about this outside thing when there was a perfectly good house right there. I imagine as spring comes around that she'll start to enjoy outdoors more.