My beautiful little girl is now 10.5 months old. She's still a sweetie, but she's acting nutty.

We aren't permitted to "repair" our Guide Dog Puppies, because Guide Dogs gets most of their breeding stock from the most successful puppies, and you can't know who is successful until they go to doggy college. The thought is that Kia's recent nuttery is related to her first estrus, which shoudl be approaching at any time.

I've never had a female dog in heat before, so this should be interesting. We're not supposed to take our puppies anywhere when they're in heat.

In the meantime, Kia is not finishing her meals and rejecting "nice" treats. She won't do grates, and she wants to constantly be by us. If we leave her alone, she detroys things she can reach.  That last part may sound like a typical ten-month-old puppy, but Kia is a Guide Dog Puppy. She didn't destroy everything when left alone two months ago.