Kia is an only puppy. She likes to have play dates with other puppies, so I was happy when Yates needed to be watched for a week.

Yates is a bit older than Kia, but since Kia is so large, that wasn't a big deal. I wasn't worried Yates would hurt her, and it turned out not to be a worry, since Kia was clearly the dominant dog.

It's a lot of work to manage two dogs. One pup would sleep in a kennel and the other on tie down. I can't handle two pups at once out in public, so one pup had to stay in the kennel whilst the other one went to sthe store or library. I rotated the dogs.

Kia got some good exercise playing with her friend in the backyard.

Kia was sad and looked depressed when Yates went home.