Casper and his bone

Since Casper failed Guide Dog school, he's allowed to be a pet. One of the benefits of pet-dom is the permission to chew on rawhide bones.


stuffed broccoli squeaker toy

Now, many labradors and golden retrievers should not have raw hides. If they eat them too fast, they can wad up in their intestestines causing a trip to the vet and a lot of money to leave your wallet.  

Casper's always been good about not destroying stuffed toys. He was really good with his stuffed broccoli until Cheetah got ahold of it and destroyed it. 

So, for Christmas, Casper got a big rawhide bone. He carried it around for a long time before he even started in on it. He loved that rawhide. 

Thankfully, he's eating at it slowly enough that he will be allowed this fantastic treat in the future.