This is an entertaining short book and is suitable for a kid at a fourth grade reading level or higher. This story is about eleven-year-old Tobias Burgess, the son of a nobleman's second son, and describes life in the middle ages in ways applicable and fun for children.

Tobias moves in with his aunt and uncle to learn how to be a page. Per his mother's request, he keeps a journal so he can remember all the stories she will want to hear.

The book describes the things Tobias does for fun, his chores, his studies, and life in a castle in 1285. It is an excellent read for kids studying the middle ages.

Discussion Questions

Download these questions, and a crossword puzzle, in worksheet format.

    1. Describe Tobias Burgess? (Hover for answer)
    2. Tobias went to live with his uncle. The book said that boys learned to be pages and squires in the houses of noblemen of higher rank than their own house. Why did Tobias' uncle have a higher rank than Tobias' father? (Hover for answer)
    3. At one point, Tobias was able to watch the cook bake bread. The cook made three types of bread. What were they? What were the differences between the types of bread? Who ate what type of bread? (Hover for answer)
    4. When Tobias fell ill, what did the physician do? When Tobias got better, did he think the physician helped? (Hover for answer)
    5. Why did Tobias find the jousting tournaments boring? (Hover for answer)
    6. What was a knight? (Hover for answer)
    7. How do you become a knight? (Hover for answer)
    8. List five things a knight must do to follow the Code of Chivalry. (Hover for answer)
    9. What does it mean when Tobias said he broke his fast in the morning? (Hover for answer)
    10. David was put in prison for fishing. Why? (Hover for answer)


Title: Castle Diary The Journal of Tobias Burgess
Author: Richard Platt
Illustrated by: Chris Riddel
ISBN: 978-0-7636-2164-3
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Copyright: 1999