Book cover


Robert Heinlein wrote a book called Podkayne of Mars in 1962. It was about a 15-year-old girl named Podkayne "Poddy" Fries and her 11-year-old, maybe psycopathic brother, Clark. They on a ship with their uncle to travel to Venus. Stuff happens. Podkayne saves her brother and uncle and dies or doesn't, depending on if you read Heilein's preferred ending of the book of the version that the publishers wanted. I liked the book.

Carrie Vaughn wrote Martians Abroad in 2017. It's about a 17-year-old girl named Polly Newton and her kind-of twin brother, somewhat psychopathic brother, Charles. They get on a ship and travel to Earth to go to school. Stuff happens.

At about 10-15% in to the book I thought, "Is this like Fuzzy Nation, a reboot?" It took me a while and then I connected it to Podkayne of Mars.

At 50% into the book I was really enjoying it. Carrie's version differed a lot of Heinleins. Charles wasn't nearly as Clark and Polly wasn't nearly as girly and weak as Poddy. Also, the book wasn't at all about the conflict of a mother having children, raising them, and simultaneously working.

At 95% into the book, I decided that Carrie was evil and I hated her. How dare she follow the original so closely? What's wrong with her?

At 96% I forgave her and was glad she did what she did.

It's a good read. It's good for the kids now. It's good for adults who grew up with Heinlein.