Barking Dogs is a science fiction novel by Terence M. Green, written in 1988, portraying a time in 1998. So, even though it was futuristic at the time it was written, its future is pretty old. That said, the book was cool. I wish I had read it in 1988. He talks about baboon heart transplants, hovering cars, and stage one and stage two thinking. (I saw a hover car demo back then, and thinking back on it makes me really wish I read this back then.)

More central to the story than hovering cars and baboon hearts is the barking dog. It isn't a canine. In fact there was no canine in the book at all. The barking dog is a piece of technology. You wear it. The barking dog watches a person's face and monitors it. The barking dog can tell if the person is telling the truth or telling a lie. The author mentions that the technology works by watching involuntary facial tics.

Mitch is a police officer whose partner was recently murdered. He bought barking dog. What Mitch does with his barking dog, and subsequent technological purchases, is the story.

If you like science fiction futures, this is a good read. And, even though the "science fiction" technologies were discussed in 1988, none of them have really come to be. They're still science-fiction. The story is holds up.

My biggest problem with the book is that all the characters seem to think the same. Instead of a little girl thinking little girl, with little girl words and little girl ideas, her inner dialogue comes across very similar to Mitch's. And Mitch's wife comes across similar to Mitch.

Also very important: This publisher doesn't have DRM on their e-books. Yeah! You can read it on your Kindle, Sony, or toaster.