Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore was a fun book to read. It wasn't a family book, and there weren't many topics of discussions to have with the kids, but it was fun nontheless. The target audience for the book is probably tweens, teens, and young adults, but I enjoyed it as a middle aged woman.

Amy and Phin are sisters and college students who agree to stay at their aunt's house and take care of the plants and animals whilst she enjoys a cruise to China, her first vacation in many years. Whilst on the cruise, Aunt Hyacinth calls Amy and gets her to promise to take care of the goats three times. Three promises form a strong bond, especially in this family of witches. But, as it turns out, Aunt Hyacinth didn't say "goats." She said gais. Amy promised to take care of the ghost.

Amy's job in the family has always been to be the gatekeeper. That's her self-imposed role. She tries to protect her sister, a genius gadget maker who talks of the paranormal to normal people without thinking about it. Her promise to Aunt Hyacinth gets in the way of her normal role.

The book has many fun aspects to it including a ghost, a mystery, a treasure hunt, an archaeology dig, and a couple of romances.