The gist of this book is that adolescence has increased in time from a few years to decades. Kids know it, and they don't like it. Along with John Gatto, the authors posit (with research backing them up) that meaningful work can turn around even the most difficult teen.

Even "good kids" can fall into the depression that accompanies the endless adolescence, so changing parenting startegy can help.

Some important tips for parenting adolescents include the following.

  • If a kid can do a task, have the kid do the task. If the kid can't, teach the kid.
  • Include teens in adult activities.
  • Support teens as they seek to grow up.
  • Build relationships with teens and help them build relationships with other adults.
  • Keep the teens challenged.
  • Be truthful with teens.

This book is good, and anyone with kids should read it.