The original review I wrote for this book is located at PsychCentral. This review is a bit different. The PsychCentral review has the zombie perspective.

Reinventing the Meal: How Mindfulness Can Help You Slow Down, Savor the Moment, and Reconnect with the Ritual of Eating.

Have you ever eaten anything and not remembered what it tasted like? Or, maybe you didn't remember when you were eating it? Somov presents an alternative to eating. Instead of just eating, make a process for yoursef that causes you to relax, think about your body, and then connect with and sort of bond with your food.

Somov gives you a process, and a bunch of little tips, or food for thoughts, that are sprinkled throughout the chapters.

We are food tubes. We eat, digest, and excrete, kind of like worms.

Hum or mentally chant before meals to relax. 

Drink water before you eat, to help you not overate and to clense your  mouth. Then, whilst you eat, concentrate on each bite and taste it.

While you eat, pay attention to what you're thinking. Try to break your habits that you have surrounding eating. Use a different plate. Use a different hand. Eat your food in a different order. Sit differently. Sit in a different spot. Do what you can to make eating a different event each time.