Except for a few names in psychiatry history, I don't think I learned much from this Jon Ronson book. Despite that, the book was an enjoyable read. I got through it in a day, which is pretty good for me and non-fiction. 

The book mostly flows as a narrative of a few years of the author's life as he plays journalistic detective. Ronson starts off with a story of how a scientist came to him. She received a peculiar, expensively made book, as did many of her peers. They can't figure the book out. Why is a hole cut in one page? Why is it a certain number of pages long?

Eventually, Ronson seemed to decide (that's what I got from the reading) that the author was a bit crazy.

Even so, the journey to solving the puzzle got Ronson insterested in psychopathy. He took a class in how to identify psychopaths, met a few psychopaths, and talked about his revelations in his book. I really don't want to say more. You need to read the book for more.