I want to see the new ape movie, but I probably won't be able to for a while. You see, Quinn is afraid of non-human primates.

He watched a documentary at his cousin's house that showed an ape, raised by humans, kill a human. Since then, Quinn has been afraid of apes, never mind that we've never brought a bonobo, chimpanzee, orangutan, or gorilla into the house. We've occasionally seen orangutan at the zoo, but that's it.

Anyway, Quinn is afraid of apes and I want to see the new ape movie. So, I thought about it for a while and talked to the husband. I told him I wanted the family to watch all the original Planet of the Ape Movies (not the 2001 movie). I explained that I thought watching the original series with humans in monkey suits would pass Quinn's "it doesn't look real so I'm not scared" test. Leon ordered the set of DVDs.

Two nights ago we watched Planet of the Apes and last night we watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes. I saw the movies on TV as a kid, but I didn't remember much about them—except that the apes looked like men in monkey suits. I had forgotten how wonderful these movies are. Or maybe I didn't fully appreciate them as a youngster.

This is what I loved about Planet of the Apes

  • The kids "got it" that we treat animals the way humans were treated in the movie.
  • The kids "got it" that the movie showed lots of racism and stereotypes with the apes and the different types of apes.
  • The kids "got it" that the ape's religion was basically the same as some major religions today. We were created in god's image. We have the right to take over and make others subservient. We have the right to be fruitful and multiply.
  • My kids aren't really afraid of nuclear apocalypse like my parent's generation was. The second movie sort of introduced that topic in history. We didn't talk with them about this much. Yet. And it will be a while before we do. Quinn doesn't need more real things to be afraid of. There's plenty of fun, non-real stuff to be afraid for now.

This is what I liked about Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

  • I was amused with the blatant making fun of religion. I almost laughed when I re-watched and saw the group praying to the bomb. 
  • At the end of the movie, Charlton Heston did something. Leon and I both interpreted the character's actions differently. We don't know who is right, and the movie doesn't give a clue. I like it that we can have those different interpretations.

Well, I showed Quinn the trailer to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He says the apes look too scary and while he'd be willing to see it, he thinks he'll have nightmares. So, I'll have to wait for Netflix.

I'm super glad the lad knows himself well enough to tell me Rise will be too scary for him. I'm super glad that he's not afraid of telling me it's too scary. I'm super glad that he's not trying to be older than he is.