01 - What is earth science? - 2 class periods

Earth science is about everything that makes up the earth, including the land, the water, and the atmosphere. Earth scientistics use the scientific method to observe, study, and learn about the earth. They design experiments using controls, indepdendent variables, and depdent variables. Scientists often graph data to make it more understandable. Earth scientists also use three different types of scientific models. Sub-disciplines of earth science include geology, oceanography, climatology, and meterology, environmental science, and astronomy.

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  1. Science is a process. What is the process of science called?

  2. How long has it taken us to develop the scientific method?

  3. How have many discoveries happened?

  4. A scientist makes a hypothesis. She designs an experiment and works years testing the hypothesis. Finally, she decides her hypothesis is invalid. Was the scientist successful? Should she feel bad?

  5. Aristotle's ideas on science were mostly wrong. One idea he proposed still lasts today. What is it?

  6. Why didn't people know that two balls will drop at the same speed regardless of speed until hundreds of years after Aristotle died?

  7. Are the MythBusters scientists?

  8. List five different kinds of earth science and what each type of science studies and researches.

  9. What is the purpose of a scientific model?

  10. What are some steps to the scientific method?