07 - Earthquakes - 5 class periods

thrust fault, tension, syncline, strike-slip fault, stress, shear, slip, reverse fault, normal fault, monocline, joint, hanging wall, fracture, footwall, fold, fault zone, dome, dip-slip fault, deform, confining stress, compression, basin, anticline, amplitude, body waves, crest, earthquake, elastic rebound theory, epicenter, focus, love waves, primary waves, rayleight waves, secondary waves, surface waves, trough, tsunami, wavelength, tsunami, mercalli intensity scale, moment magnitude scale, richter magnitude scale, seismogram, seismograph, seismometer


  • Before class: Listen to the audio or read the chapter in the book.
  • Before class: Watch the videos
  • Discuss the different types of waves in an earthquake; discuss wave properties
  • Discuss faults.
  • Make a seismometer and play with it
  • Calculate the center of an earthquake
  • Watch an apocolyptic earthquake movie and discuss the good science/bad science in the show