09 - Evidence about Earth's past and Earth's history - 3 class periods

fossils, index fossil, fossilization, how fossils form, fossils in sedimentary rock, why fossilization is rare, geologic time scale, key bed, law of superposition, relative age, stratigraphy, unconformity,  absolute age, carbon-14 dating, half-life, isotope, radioactive decay, radiometric dating, solar nebula, inner planets, outer planets, earth's formation, the moon's formation, atmosphere formation, early oceans, DNA, eukaryote, nucleic acid, prokaryote, RNA, supercontinent, adaption, evolution, paleontologist, tropical, variation, mutations, the different eras


  • Read this article on the moon's formation. Don't worry. It's mostly pictures.
  • Discuss three geologic laws.
  • Discuss fossilization.
  • m and m half-life lab
  • geographic time line lab