RHETORIC 1 - Why is rhetoric important?

The first lessons in Language Arts are going to use the book Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion From Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln, and Lady Gaga. You can find this book in your Kindle app and in your Audible app.

  • Read/Listen to the introduction to the book.

Answer these questions and email them with a subject line of "Language Arts Lesson 1 - Why is rhetoric important?"

  1. The book starts with a quote from Winston Churchill (below). Read the quote a couple of times. Then, in your own words, explain what that quote means.   "Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than that of a great king…. The subtle art of combining the various elements that separately mean nothing and collectively mean so much in an harmonious proportion is known to very few…. [T]he student of rhetoric may indulge the hope that Nature will finally yield to observation and perseverance, the key to the hearts of men."

  2. Look at the definition of rhetoric. Do you think that it makes more sense to master rhetoric to be a politician or to be a scientist?

  3. The author of the book indicates that he thinks Barack Obama doesn't practice good rhetoric. Why then does the author think Barack Obama beat out Mitt Romney for presidency?

  4. What published works does the author associate with good rhetoric?

  5. "Rhetoric is the art of being pithy and profound." What does pithy mean? What does profound mean?

  6. And finally, why do you think your mom wants you to read and study this book?