RHETORIC 4 - Figure of Speech, Similes and Metaphors

Similies and metaphors are both figures of speech. They both compare one person/object/thing to another person/object/thing. The big difference between the two is that similies say that something is similar to another. Similies usually use the word "like" or "as." Metaphors say that one person/object/thing IS another person/object/thing.

Answer the following questions in an email with a subject line of "Rhetoric - Figure of Speech, Similes and Metaphors"

  Sentence 1st Object 2nd Object Simile or Metaphor
  Quinn is as sneaky as a ferret. Quinn ferret Simile
1.  He was a busy bee.      
2.  He was as busy as a bee.      
3. The United States is a melting pot.       
4. The United States is like a melting pot.      
5. The sunlight became a warm blanket protecting me from the snow.      
6. The sunlight was like a warm blanket.      
7. My noisy sister babbles like a stream.      
8.  My sister is a babbling stream.      
9.  She was a kite, floating above the confusion around her.      
10. She felt like a kite that was floating.