RHETORIC 6 - Figure of Speech, Hyperboles

Hyperbole is an exaggeration that is mean to exmpahsize a point. For example, "I was so hungry I could eat ten plates of food" emphasizes how hungry I am.

Assignment: Email the answers to the following questions with the subject line of "Rhetoric  - Figure of Speech, Hyperboles."

  1. Rewrite the sentences below using hyperbole.
Sentence Rewrite 
 The man was old.  The man was as old as the hills.
 It began to rain very hard.  
 They were wet.  
 It was expensive.  
They were heavy groceries.  
It wobbled as she pushed it.  


  1. What is the hyperbole in each sentence? What does it mean?
Sentence Hyperbole What does it mean? 
She cried a river of tears. River of tears She cried a lot. The writer suggest that all those tears form a large volume. 
I am so hungry I could eat an elephant.    
We snuck up behind her and she jumped ten feet in the air.     
The young girl was dying to go to the birthday party.    
She had a billion things on her mind.    
The dog was as big as a house.    
  1. Does the sentence have hyperbole in it? If it does, what is the hyperbole.
Sentence Does it have hyperbole?
We swam through the air. Yes. It's so humid that walking outside felt like swimming.
I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant.  
May is the nicest months of the year.  
Her brightly colored dress hurt his eyes.  
Larry was such a big baby that his parents had to use bed sheets for diapers.  
I ate all of my salad for lunch.  
As I approached the horse, it seemed larger than it had in the pasture.  
The roof rose up and down like it was breathing to the rhythm of the loud music.  
The thought the pie was the best kind of dessert for the party.