RHETORIC 7 - Figure of Speech, Personification

Personification is making a person out of something that isn't. If you write like the rock is alive, you are personifying it. If you have the animal talk and act like a human, you are personifying it.

Assignment: Answer the following questions in an email with the subject line of "Rhetoric - Figure of Speech, Personification."

Read each sentence below. If the sentence uses personfication, write personfication. If it does not, write none.

  1. The soft chair wrapped its padded arms around Lisa.

  2. Lisa sat in the chair with the large, padded arms.

  3. The feathers danced in the wind.

  4. The feather moved in the wind.

  5. The clock chimed an anxious warning.

  6. The clock chimed.

  7. The flies buzzed with great regret as the lion shook its head.

  8. The flies buzzed around the lion's head.

  9. The dog barked loudly at the squirrel, which quickly ran up the tree.

  10. The eyes of the lady's portrait followed Jean aroudn the room, waiting for a misdeed.

  11. The coins sang happily in Tom's pocket.

  12. The ship sailed moothly across the calm, blue lake.

  13. George meowed.

  14. The mouse bowed its head to the turtle.

  15. Casper greeted me with a hug and a kiss.