Basic home Wi-Fi security

Have you ever thought about your home’s Wi-Fi network security? Are you concerned about it? Do you think people are crazy and go overboard? Or, do you just have no idea at all? If so, I will help you sort through this mess.

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Print a Windows directory

Windows does not have a feature for printing out a directory listing. So, here’s how to print out a directory listing.

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Database 101

One good way to design a database is to draw it out before you begin writing it. You drawing should show the different tables in your database, the different keys, and how the tables relate to each other.

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Remove duplicate files

A while back, someone asked how to clean up disk space and remove duplicate files from a system. I’m going to answer that question, but first I have to explain a little bit about how operating systems behave with disk drives.

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Electronic organization

When it comes to anything that I can touch with my hands, I am horrible at organizing. At least once a week, and sometimes twice, my husband has to call my cell phone so I can find it. However, when it comes to my computer, I am organized. Below is a list of things I have done to achieve electronic organization. Maybe some of them will work for you.

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What is Linux and should I install it?

Linux is a free operating system. It's an alternative to using Windows. Should you use it?

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How to clean up a Word document

Cleaning up a Word document to convert into HTML or an eBook requires several tasks to be accomplished.

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Where's my free space after deleting a file

Have you ever deleted a file from your hard drive and didn't see an increase in available space? Have you ever wondered why your computer seems to have less memory on it than the marketing guys told you?

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How to show settings in Word

There are a lot of settings in Word. What do they mean and how do you find them?

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